Thursday, April 8, 2010

Sneak peek into iPhone OS 4 features

As expected, Apple unveiled their new OS 4.0, which supports some of the most critical missing features so far. One of the big one to name is Multitasking support.

Here are some of the highlights of what’s coming in iPhone OS 4.0:
• Background audio.
• Incoming VoIP Call Notification.
• Background location.
• App Folders for sorting apps.
• Geotagged photos.
• User Defined wallpaper (I already have this feature. Thanks to jailbreak).
• Playlist creation.
• Search SMS/MMS.
• Unified mail. Merged inbox view, sync to more than one Exchange account, thread messaging view etc.
• iBooks, just like on iPad.
• Enterprise features like remote device management and wireless app distribution.
• Game Center. Very interesting concept. This includes leaderboards, achievement and match making. Available as a developer preview and out for consumer later this year. With more than 50,000 gaming apps this should be a great fit.
• iAd. Typical apple, this one was pretty cool implementation of ads on mobile. The ads keep you in the app. I loved the demo and it makes so much sense. At last very good Ad platform for mobile. Iam glad it’s Apple doing it. Google wake up!
• In app SMS.
• Map Overlays
• 1500 new API’s.
• 7 Multitasking API’s.
• 100 new features.

Check out the video here , which is about an hour long to know more about what’s coming in iPhone 4.0 OS

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