Sunday, April 18, 2010

eComm starts tomorrow, don’t miss it

Ecomm starts tomorrow. I would have loved to attend the event and hear from industry leaders speak about the future of Wireless Communication, Augmented Reality etc. Alas, I may not be lucky this time. However, I will be closely following the event and post anything that’s interesting. For more information about the event and the speaker list, please checkout the eComm Guide.

If you are your company is into communication space, this should be a must attend event. So don’t miss the opportunity to catch up with all the latest innovation happening in the communication space. More later.

Some of the major topics that will be discussed are listed below:
• Mobile Augmented Reality; Applications, Advertising, Collaboration and Opportunities.
• End of Telephony and New Voice Enabled Platforms
• Communications-Enabling Business Processes (CEBP); Enterprise and B2C Efficiency.
• M2M and P2P on Mobile Networks
• New I/O Devices and Methods; Tablets, Touch Gesture, Wearable, Augmented Reality, Transparent OLEDs, 3D Mobile Displays Etc.
• Connected Home and Car Revisited; in-car WiFi, Touchscreens, Adobe Flash Powered Dashboards, Voice Interaction
• Open Platforms and Open Source
• Connecting People, Places, Processes and Things; "Internet of Things"
• Broadband and Telecom, Regulation and Policy Trajectories: The Next 3 Years
• Mobile Advertising 2010: Location 2.0 and Privacy 2.0; Local Context, Social Context, Immediacy
• The Great Telecom Restructuring: Threats, & New Business Models
• Telecom Network APIs and Carrier Data
• New TV, Video Platforms and Delivery Systems

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