Sunday, April 4, 2010

iPad jailbreak in record time

So looks like Apple couldn’t stop the hackers from jail breaking iPad. After the iPad was released today, hackers started working on it and within 12 or more hours they were able to jailbreak the iPad( video embedded below). A bug in the Safari Browser has been exploited by hackers to jailbreak the new OS, which includes iPhone 3.1.3 and all other new gadgets with the new OS. The jailbreak is allegedly based off of a jailbreak called “Spirit”, written by a developer called Comex. So it will be interesting to see who (GeoHot or Comex) releases the consumer grade jailbreak software first. Both of them have allegedly jailbroke the latest software OS from Apple, and there are some videos (embedded below) to prove their claim.

Some background about the jailbreak:
In order to jailbreak the phone using spirit, one needs to surf a particular Web site using the internal safari browser, and grant the permission to jailbreak the phone. The software will take advantage of a bug found in the browser to gain root access to the device. This software bug is found on both iPhone OS 3.1.3 and the iPad OS 3.2, so it should be easy to jailbreak either device until Apple patches the hole with a security update.

Check out the following videos:
iPad jailbreak:

iPhone jailbreak:

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