Thursday, April 29, 2010

iPhone loyalty is more than Android

According to MocoSpace , which is one of the largest mobile social networking companies, the demand for smart phones is very high and most of the consumers prefer iPhone 2:1 over Android. Well that’s not surprising to me. What is surprising is the Android Phone Mobile Social networking traffic increased by 40%. The report also talks about the Verizon iPhone launch, which is almost becoming real. I guess in couple of years smart phones will overtake feature phones. This will open up huge market for Mobile Advertisement, LBS, Gaming, and Virtual Currency etc. You can download the entire report here.

If you have been following the mobile industry space, it’s been utter chaotic and every company big or small is trying to position themselves as a player in this space. Why not; it’s a no-brainer decision. The money is in the mobile industry. Be it Advertisement, Gaming, LBS marketing, virtual currency, messaging, etc. Apple is positioned very well in this space compared to other vendors like Google, Nokia, Motorola, HTC, and Samsung. Oops! Did I miss Microsoft, which has crappy windows mobile. Just this week HP joined the bandwagon with the purchase of Palm. What’s interesting though is that late comers like Apple, Google have trounced the leaders like Nokia and Motorola in the Mobile Arena. Nokia is trying hard to reinvents itself. Sorry too little, too late.

Key findings of the MocoSpace Mobile Social Graph:
• Android phone traffic increased 39.9% in Q1
• 30% of traditional feature phone users plan to purchase a smartphone in 2010
• iPhone is 2 times more attractive than Android for potential smartphone buyers
• Traditional feature phone usage decreased by 22%
• iPhone/Android sessions are 27.8% longer than feature phone sessions
• Mobile users log-in almost twice as often as PC users
• iPhone/Android users are 72% more likely to buy virtual currency than feature phone users

I’m happy as an iPhone user. Having said that, iam sad with Apple’s arm twisting, autocratic, walled garden approach. Is Apple becoming the new Big Brother?

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