Monday, April 12, 2010

iPad jailbroken! Who is desperate?

Ok Folks, iPad is already jailbroken by the some of the folks and one credible source is George Hotz, the guy who made the iPhone jailbreak piece of cake. Remember “Blackra1n”.Apparently, George Hotz has published a picture of jailbroken iPad running Cydia . (I have a jailbroken iPhone, which craps out occasionally). There are already pictures and videos of jailbroken iPad, and you can expect them anytime soon. My gut feeling is that it may be delayed until iPhone 4 is released this june so that Apple doesn’t patch the exploit. The wait may be a little longer for folks using 3.2 OS and higher.

Jailbroken iPad running Cydia:

Jailbroken iPad video of n64iPhone:

All that said here is a question lingering in my mind, how many people really care about jailbreaking iPad. I can understand iPhone jailbreak, which gives u access to tethering, unlocking so that it can be used with different operator other than AT&T. In addition, you can install all those cracked apps on jailbroken iPhone/iTouch. But running the same iPhone app on iPad might look crappy. So until we have iPad cracked apps available, don’t see a big need for jailbreaking iPad. There are so many free apps that can be used instead of Jailbreaking. In addition, lot of apps are now smarter and use various other mechanism like UDID, keys etc to thwart cracking the apps. And worthy of mention is the occasional crashes, reboots, and security threats that come part of jailbreaking.
So Is jailbreaking only for Nerds/Geeks? Or does a normal user care about jailbreaking.

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Jet said...

I'd have to agree with saying that there really isn't much need to jail break your iPad other than to change the icons and/or lay out. Another thing is that the app store doesn't have many free good quality apps. Check it out. A bunch of them are pretty expensive (compared to free) but also very high rated. I personally have never bought apps until the iPad. The increased screen real estate makes such a big difference and worth the buy,

I <3 iPad so much vie begun to take it for granted because it does everything so seamlessly