Thursday, April 8, 2010

Google Voice to take on Skype?

According to Arrington from techcrunch , Google is testing a Desktop version of Google Voice client. So finally the Google Acquisition of Gizmo( VoIP desktop client startup) is paying off . It makes lot of sense to have a desktop client instead of Web based solution. With the desktop client, consumers can make and receive calls, Send and receive SMS to any Mobile/Landline number in USA for free, which by itself is a huge selling point. Currently In order to use Skype client for Mobile/Landline calling, there is per minute or monthly charge depending on the subscription you choose. Same is true with SMS. With Google Voice desktop client, its free beer!. Off course, Google may decide to charge later for the service. But at least for now, you get free service.

In addition to free service, other features like enhanced Voicemail and single number has added advantages. However, there cannot be an apple to apple comparison between Google Voice and Skype. Skype is a monster when it comes to desktop calling. So Google Voice competing with Skype is similar to Skype competing with Google on search. Make sense. Having said that, Competition is good and brings the best out of great companies.

Currently the said app is under Google “dogfooding” system, which means it is currently being tested by Google Employees themselves before launching to public.

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