Thursday, March 26, 2009

Finally, Skype client for iPhone coming!

Well there are many startups that support Skype calling, texting and presence from iPhone. We always wondered why Skype doesn’t come up with their own client. Hold on to your breathe; your wish might come true soon. According to Om, Skype is almost ready to launch its own client for iPhone sometimes next week. Watch out for CTIA next Wednesday, perhaps they might announce something during the CTIA event.

This should be a bad news to all those startups (fring, mig33, iSkoot, nimbuzz etc) riding on the Skype interface support from mobile hype. Maybe it’s high time these startups get over the Skype hype and diversify themselves. Some of the startups like iSkoot and others have realized and are moving in different direction.

I’m still not sure if AT&T would allow skype to use their 3G networks for Skype to Skype voice calling. I have my own doubts about this. Maybe they would allow voice calls via WI-FI and not 3G. More updates to come. So stay tuned!

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