Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Jaxtr on the go, Free International calls!

Economy is bad. Don’t worry, Jaxtr is here to help you guys make free/low-cost international calls. Last December they had announced a new feature called FreeConnect, using which members could make unlimited free mobile or landline calls to other jaxtr members worldwide. However, web interface was required to use the service. They are enhancing this feature by allowing users to dial from his/her mobile or landline phone and type in the number they want to call. According to CNET, the new service is called Jaxtr-on-the-go. The company has more than 150 toll free numbers worldwide. Check out the following webpage to find the nearest toll-free number.

Here is how you make a call:
•You dial the toll-free number and type in the number of your friend/family that u want to talk.
•For free call, you wait on the phone while jaxtr sends and SMS message to your friend/family’s phone number. A local number is offered to them using which they can get connected to the call.
•Subsequently, these phone numbers can be used to call each other

If you don’t have the patience to wait for the call to get connected, you could use buy low cost jax credits and call directly.

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