Sunday, March 15, 2009

JaikuEngine, New MicroBlogging open source kid

As expected, Google moved Jaiku Jaiku to its own hosting platform Google App engine. In addition, they open sourced the JaikuEngine Code Base under Apache License 2.0 . This should be enticing news to all those hard core hackers. With micorblogging service Twitter gaining phenomenal traction from mainstream media, I’m sure; developers would be itching to give JaikuEngine a try. Hope to see innovation happening using Jaiku Engine.

Anyone with little knowledge of Google App Engine and python should be able to run their own localized version of MicroBlogging service. It makes lot of sense for Organizations to use this engine to power their own localized version of MicroBlogging. Something similar to Yammer. Also, the new Jaiku Engine supports OAuth. Earlier, Jaiku was renamed to JaikuEngine. There are some changes with JaikuEngine compared to Jaiku. Some features like feed fetching and International SMS is disabled in JaikuEngine. Other features like the website, SMS (in the US only) and IM bot are still supported.

So looks like the success of JaikuEngine will be determined by the number of developers adopting it, and at the same time building innovative features. We all know twitter is everyone’s darling including me. Except for Twitter, none of the other (pownce, identical, plurk etc) MicroBlogging services are no where close to be called success. Unless we see a strong developer community embracing JaikuEngine, don’t see a bright future. (I have downloaded the source code of JaikuEngine, will update more soon. Stay Tuned! )

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