Monday, March 2, 2009

Don’t miss Emerging Communication Conference

Tomorrow is Emerging communication conference, and if you are in SFO by any chance, this should be one of the must event to attend. eComm is the world's leading-edge telecom, Internet communications and mobile innovation event built to both showcase and accelerate innovation; and to explore radical new opportunities - together.

It has an impressive list of speakers. Some of my favorites:

• No Numbers and My CallerID - The Receivers in Charge!
Stuart Henshall, Phweet
• Pushing Numbers Beyond Telephony
Rodrigue Ullens, Voxbone
• The Open Screen Project
Anup Murarka, Adobe
• Codec Evolution and Industry Proposal
Jonathan Christensen, Skype
• Voice 2.0 Applications in a Mobile Environment
Alec Saunders, Iotum
• Looking Back at a Year of Deep Dialing: The Present and Future of Phone Menus
Shai Berger, Fonolo
• Ruby & Groovy & EMCAScript - Oh My! Developing Telephony Applications theScripting Way
RJ Auburn, Voxeo
• Ribbit API for the Flash Platform
Wes Leonardo, Ribbit
• Cloud Telephony - Why You Need More Than an API
Irv Shapiro, IfByPhone
• Skype and Asterisk: What it Means for Business Communications
Mark Spencer, Digium
• Voice 2.0 - New Ways to Monetize Voice - Panel Introduction
Jon Arnold, J Arnold & Associates
• The Park Bench Manifesto: Why We Want To Kill Off The PSTN
Dan York, Voxeo
• Taking a SIP of Java - Building Voice Mashups using SIP Servlets
RJ Auburn, Voxeo
• Where's the money in Voice 2.0?
Martin Geddes, BT

More speaker list and additional information here

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