Tuesday, February 17, 2009

iSkoot moves beyond skype client

It’s good to see startups move beyond supporting skype interface. iSkoot, one of the early bird with respect to supporting mobile skype clients announced their Kalaida platform , which allows users to access their social networks,RSS feeds and emails from their basic cell phones. I guess this new direction makes sense with the acquisition of social.im. They recently launched the notifier application on ATT media mall . The notifier applications allows users to check facebook, email,IM and news- all in one place, right on the your phone. Notifier shows Facebook updates, emails & IMs as they come in, so you're always in the know and can easily update your status and read & respond in real time. Notifier supports Facebook, Gmail, Google Talk, AOL Mail, AIM & more.

I guess kalaida platform is a notifier application, but renamed and available to different carriers with additional features. Iam not sure what are those additional features. So iskoot must be the new entrant to the already crowded arena. There are quite a few startups like mig33,fring,nimbuzz,truphone etc that have been supporting these features for quite sometime. Well, with $19 million dollars of recent funding. Iskoot is positioned to play a long innings. Iam impressed with their diversification and congratulate them. Hope to see more innovation from iSkoot.

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