Saturday, October 6, 2007

pudding media demo and pictures

I saw the demo of pudding media, pretty impressive. I liked the Paris Hilton part though :-). Check out these links for Demo and picture.
Here is some answers from pudding media VP (eran) to the questions I had posted in my Article on pudding media.
• How will the speech recognition software understand languages other than English.
- Speech recognition is currently configured only for English. We'll add more languages in the near future.
• Does the user need to install some kind of plug-in to make voice calls. Pudding media claims that u don’t need to download anything to make call from the browser.
- The user doesn't need to download or install any software or plug-in. This is a world's first as well.
• Will it be unlimited calling or some kind of max minute’s limitation
- There are no limitations on the minutes.
• Does it have plans to support international calling in future?
- We will add support for more countries as we add more languages.

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