Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Google GPhone and OpenSocial plans unveiled

Well, for those of you folks who were praying for GPhone rumors to be true. Somebody heard it! According to Wall Street journal, Google is planning to announce over the next two weeks about Google mobile phone software and some of the applications that would be bundled with this software
Some interesting facts( well its still a rumor, till we see the actual phone)
• Google open mobile operating system
• Google Maps integrated with the OS
• Email integrated
• Search
• Instant Messaging

I guess over a period of time, almost all the Google apps will make it to the mobile platform. I had written an Article about how all the Google apps can make a great fit on mobile platform.

For so long, I have been dying to see some kind of unified access to different social networking community. Something similar to IM clients that unify most of the IM community in a single client( GAIM,Trillium ). So here comes the interesting news. From what I read from techcrunch Article —Google is going to unveil OpenSocial. OpenSocial shall provide common API’s to access different social networking platform like Hi5,LinkedIn,orkut,saleforce,ning,plaxo and oracle. I have no idea what is oracle doing here.

One more social networking or opening up orkut wouldn’t have had much impact. So this is a great move from Google to counter facebook platform. I guess this is called thinking outside the box!

This should be heartening news for all the developers. At least, this rescued them from learning so many different markup languages supported by different community. Someone had to build a common interface access, iam so glad this is supported by none other than Google . With their money and power, they can get most of the Social Networking community to open up for them.
More to come on OpenSocial—Stay tuned.

Some pictures of OpenSocial—Courtesy techcrunch

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Anonymous said...

Thats awesome! These guys are the best on planet

Colton said...

You may want to see this


as it is a major announcement about the Gphone Handset manufacturer

Anonymous said...

Apparently this is a picture of the gphone: http://www.makaistudio.com/mksBlog/?q=Gphone

omfut said...

@colton, looks like the URL is invalid.

Couldnt find the picture.
I would love to see one. Send me a mail if u have the picture


Anonymous said...

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