Thursday, October 4, 2007

More Click to Call voip widgets; jajah,tringme

Web-based soft phone is emerging as one of the hottest feature to embrace the web. Jaxtr has reached 2 million subscriber ; congratulations to the team. Following their success is Jajah , which recently announced call me widgets for social networking and blogs. For those of you who are new to voip widgets, here is a quick dump; Voip widgets can be used in social networking,blogs and websites for real-time voice communication, leaving offline voice message or sending a offline text message. Check out my Article for a complete list of voip widgets for web 2.0 community.
Jajah might be a bit late into the call me widget arena. Startups like Jaxtr , Jangl , Grand Central (Google) have been offering click-to-call widgets for social networking and blogs for over couple of months now. However, jajah has been around for a long time now with their web based voip calling. I would say cheap voice calling. Also, they have some offerings for SMB like conferencing etc. Pretty impressive track record. As I have always contended, these guys have done a good job with the web based voice calling. From a cost standpoint, jaxtr and jangl are free. Not sure why would someone choose a paying service like jajah.

It makes me wonder how these guys are going to make money from these call me widgets. I guess most of these startups are after the user base, once they get a decent user base, will hope to be bought out by a bigger player.

Another company I stumbled upon was Tringme ; to me these guys are very late in the market. However, the whole web 2.0 community is pretty huge and even if they can get a slice of it would make them a winner. For now, these guys support only leaving a voicemail message with an option of retrieval from gmail or phone. I still don’t understand how they are going to support web based calling without installing a flash plug-in. At least they don’t mention about any plug-in to be installed. Gizmo was the first company to claim a pure flash based web phone( I wouldn’t call them pure flash based solution as they were installing a local process to support this feature). Just wondering whats the story with goribbit, which announced voip support for flash. Wish tringme can find their niche in this crowded space.
Couple of things that is missing in tringme are
• Call back model like any other widget providers. Anonymous calling is one of the niche features. Also, I guess users always don’t use their headset to make calls. Need to support both options.
• Text messaging support from the widget.
• Call me email signature.

Here is what tringme has to say to my comment about their revenue model in the Techcrunch article :
Omfut, you have raised a good question about the general revenue model for our service. We think that availability of the flash-based telephony platform and some of the core applications built on this platform will open up means to generate revenue. We still need to hash out some of the precise details, but wanted to get some early feedback for the service to see how and where we can improve it before launching it commercially.

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