Thursday, October 11, 2007

Good and bad news for jajah

Jajah came up with a call me widget couple of weeks back. If you guys had looked at their customize button option, there was something exclusive for eBay. From what I read from fierce voip, jajah has been shown the door for supporting a call me widget in eBay. Well, iam not surprised; why would eBay allow some third-party widget when they have an in-house skype call-me widget. This is an interesting battle, though eBay might not be happy with this whole skype buyout. It would be a big let down for skype call me widget, if they support third-party apps to ride on their auction web site. Well for now, it certainly looks like eBay doesn’t want thirt-party call-me widgets to use their website. Anyway, this is going to be a free PR for jajah. Iam sure they want to capitalize on this news.
Good news is Japans eMobile has a jajah client pre-installed, which can be used for local, domestic and international calling using eMobile’s HSPA.
Here is a snippet of the article

“ Japanese mobile operator Emobile has adopted mobile IP phones on its EM branded HSDPA services. The ONE Alpha phone is offered in partnership with VoIP telephony company Jajah. The handset comes preinstalled with a Jajah IP telephony application specially developed for Emobile. Domestic fixed calls are charged at JPY 2.4 per minute while domestic mobiles can be called for JPY 15.99 per minute. Calls to fixed numbers in the US, China and Taiwan cost JPY 2.14, calls to France, Germany, Italy and Spain cost JPY 2.36 per minute, calls to Hong Kong cost JPY 2.7 and calls to Singapore are charged at JPY 2.4 per minute. “

So folks this is good news for mobile voip and voip in general. Let’s not get carried away with this whole sun rocket debacle and paint the whole voip future bleak. In addition, vonage seems to crawl out of their never ending poundings from big Telco’s. I still believe service over ip including voice is going to play a niche role in the coming future age technology. If u guys think otherwise, leave me a comment.

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Hawkeye said...

Stay away from Jajah's paid service. I've already written twice to Jajah support as a *paid customer* and have not got any response for the issues below. Now I'm planning on making formal complaints to consumer protection agencies in the US and Germany.

This is what I've been sending them:

1. Some days ago I was charging my account and wanted to credit only 10 euros, but instead ended up crediting 50 euros because of the way the top up works. I cannot afford to spend this much money in one go. Hence I would like you to reverse part of the credit, leaving about 10 euros in my account.

It would be better if you have a confirmation screen, which asks for user confirmation before processing a payment. Any website which requires payment always has a confirmation screen showing clearly the final amount to be charged BEFORE such a charge is made. This is clearly a shortcoming with your site, and something which would have prevented me overcharging my account.

2. It is strange that you store user credit card information and do not have a way to remove it. I should have a choice to remove any and all credit card information from your website. This is a violation of my privacy rights and for this alone I can take you to court.

3. The top-up function does not work correctly, because of which I had problem #1 that I've already noted above. There is no way to turn off top off. If I uncheck the box, I need to click on "pay now" and then the amount gets charged without any user confirmation. This is clearly an unfair trade practice.

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