Monday, April 21, 2008

SMS apps are NOT the killer app on Facebook,MySpace

Om Malik has an interesting insight on SMS apps usage on facebook. Apparently, SMS apps are not doing that great. I have written exclusively on Voice Apps failing on facebook( Check out my previous articles Here and Here ). I guess the trigger point to the article was from CellityFreeSMS , which just launched Free SMS app on facebook. I have looked at bunch of Free SMS apps on facebook way back. The numbers were not promising considering the total user base of facebook.

Despite the fact that SMS is really the killer app on mobile phones , it’s not fairing well inside these communities. As I said earlier, users like Hug Me, Top Friend, Vampire Bites, Scrabble. Iam not sure which communication application is going to win in the long run.

Speaking of Voice Apps, worthy of mention is a Group Calling service called Party Line from Equals . Their growth seems very impressive, within a short period(launched in march 2008) of time they have around 56,000 install and around 2000 user’s active everyday. Hope these guys hold on to the fort for long.

If you guys find any interesting communication applications for social networking, buzz me.

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