Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Cool list of Free VoIP software

Wow! This is impressive. Voip News has published a List of VoIP software . I’m sure this must have been a daunting task. I have talked about many of these companies in my blog. I feel there are so many VoIP software out there, its pretty challenging to choose the right software. Hopefully this list should be handy. On a side note, I kind of feel we are in the age of information overload. Its hard to keep up with the number of companies that are constantly churning new software. Iam sure folks who follow web 2.0, mobile 2.0 or voice 2.0 will agree with me on this one.

I would probably include mig33,eqo and fring to VoIP on cellphone. Also, Not sure why Iotum’s Free Conference call is part of VOIM category, it belongs to Free Conference call category.

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Roman Kirillov said...

Unfortunately not all of the services they're talking about are good. In fact, neither of them are, and I am slowly coming to the understanding that "there's no such a thing as free lunch". Too bad.

Dieta said...

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omfut said...

Some of the applications are good. For e.g, skype,jaxtr,iskoot, mobivox to name a few are pretty decent services. I guess free is a disguised marketing model. I mean from a company stanpoint, its hard to just give away free voice call and at the same survive as a company. Its definetly a tradeoff.


berto said...

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