Monday, November 2, 2009

Skype to open source Linux client

Skype is planning to open source its Linux client . I guess the core library will still be closed with only UI part being open sourced. Even this seems to be good news to lot of developers. The closed library can be used by third party developers to build Skype applications. This opens up door for lot of wireless devices running Linux OS.

Here is what one of Skype spokesperson writes:

Yes, there's an open source version of Linux client being developed. This will be a part of larger offering, but we can't tell you much more about that right now. Having an open source UI will help us get adopted in the "multicultural" land of Linux distributions, as well as on other platforms and will speed up further development. We will update you once more details are available.

In the comment section, one of the questions asked is whether the closed library can be used by third-party clients to support Skype protocol. And the Skype spokesperson says yes.

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