Monday, November 30, 2009

Google Phone may be real!

Gizmodo reports that Google Phone may be coming soon and it’s real. Earlier there were rumors of Google Phone being a VoIP phone . With Google voice positioning itself very strong, and with the recent acquisition of Gizmo Talk, there is definitely something cooking at Google. Not sure what would be so compelling to go for a data only Google Phone. Selling a Mobile VoIP phone is not going to be a game changer. With LTE, Wimax etc the future is already moving towards IP wireless network, so there is not much to differentiate. Even operators are going to use IP as transport for voice.

All that said a Google VoIP phone with a built-in Google Voice could be a threat to some of the other VoIP players like Skype, Vonage etc. Google VoIP phone could use the Google Voice number for origination and termination of calls via data network. I’m guessing Gizmo could be playing a big role here if it turns out to be true. Will the Google VoIP phone be free with advertisement? Time will tell, for now lets hope Google comes out with another killer product.

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