Monday, August 17, 2009

Top 15 VoIP Blogs of 2009

Focus has come up with a list of Top 15 VoIP blogs for 2009. Again, this blog has been nominated. Earlier, this blog had made it to the Top 25 VoIP blogs for 2007 and Top 100 telecom blogs for 2008. Thanks to David Hakala for choosing this blog as one of the Top VoIP blog for 2009. Also, thanks to all my readers without whom this would have been a distant dream. Its an honor to be on the list that has some of industry veterans like Jeff Pulver( he is the evangelist for VoIP), Jon Arnold( One of the leaders in VoIP) , Brough Turner’s ( CoFounder and CTO of NMS communications) Andy Abramson( PR guru for VoIP, his reaction), Rich Tehrani( CEO TMC, His thoughts on list ), Alec Saunders( The man who invented Voice 2.0, CEO of Iotum), Luca( One of the top Blogger and CEO of abbeynet) Stuart Henshell( Founder of Skype journal, CEO of phweet) and Ashwath Rao( One of the pioneers in telecom industry, founder of enthinnai)

One thing I noticed about this blog is its name. When I started this blog, I didn’t give much importance to the name of the blog. Failed miserably in basic blogging rules (choosing the right name for the blog). So every time somebody nominates this blog, there is always a word of caution not to get fooled by the name of the blog. Does name really matter :-) . Hope you guys are enjoying reading this blog.

So far the journey has been overwhelming. To me, blogging started as a curiosity and an avenue to share my thoughts and ideas. Hope I could continue writing good content that you guys could enjoy reading. Thanks to all you folks.

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john said...

Congratulations! Well deserved

omfut(Ravi Shankar) said...

Thanks John!