Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Jajah and Microsoft to power Enterprise Voice

This is an interesting partnership. Microsoft and Jajah are partnering to provide business users with the capability to make Voice call using Jajah’s SIP trunking gateway. Jajah is one of those VoIP companies that did not loose the steam during recession. It’s a big validation for Jajah’s claim to become a Global IP telephony provider. They already power yahoo’s voice calling capabilities. Now with this partnership, they can support Microsofts Office Communications Server (OCS) users’ to make voice calls using their SIP trunking gateway. Check out the Link for more information about Jajah’s SIP trunking capabilities.

I have been following Jajah from the days when they started as a Web based VoIP calling service. From just being a web based VoIP client to diversifying their product strategy is truly amazing. They have a potential to become a Global VoIP telephony provider. They already provide VoIP service to some of the big customers like Yahoo, eHarmony,,Microsoft etc.

From a business standpoint, Jajah is trying to cater end users, carriers and enterprise users. So iam not sure what is their end goal, be a global VoIP backbone provider or a cheap calling service provider for end users. I guess it all depends on what is that they want to do down the line. If it’s an IPO route, they will have to probably try something more than being a cheap VoIP calling service provider. Iam not sure if these social networking Voice calling services are gone bring them any big revenue. It makes more sense for one of the Big VoIP service providers to buy Jajah and instantly gain access to millions of user base and the technology. Will digg more on this an update you guys. Stay tuned!

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Unknown said...

Social networks naturally evolve to virtual worlds. I suspect Jajah is well-positioned to be backbone telecommunications. What do you think?