Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Telco API’s, How to make money?

We have seen thousands of applications built using Web 2.0 API’s( Application Programming Interface) that are exposed by facebook,myspace,flickr,google maps, twitter etc. These API’s have enabled smart developers to earn unbelievable money. The barriers to entry for these apps are nil, and all it takes to build an app on top of these platforms is a good understanding of the API’s. The good thing about opening up API’s for developers is that it brings in lot of innovative applications to the platform. This enhances the platform’s usage. It’s a WIN-WIN for both the platform provider and the developers.

According to programmable web , which maintains a list of API’s and the mashups, there are around 1200-1300 API’s available and 3924 mashups developed. Its not only the Web 2.0 players that have opened up their platforms via API’s, even the telecom operators are betting big time on platform play. However, the biggest issue with the platform API’s are, how do we monetize them? Folks from telco2.0 will be presenting with some analysis on how to monetize API’s. In addition, Alcatel-Lucent will be sharing new research on what enabling capabilities ‘over-the-top’ players are willing to pay for.

Here are some of the leaders in API programme joining the debate:
TM forum
MEF Smart Pipes
Orange Partner

For folks that can’t travel due to other restrictions, you can opt for distance participation. Check out the event registration site for pricing information.

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this is a great article and thank you for including the B est Buy Remix project. What you say is very true in that it is often not up to a boardroom of executives to figure out ptential value. The API allows for others to help you drive that value proposition. AS the community outreach manager at Best Buy Remix I am surprised each and every day that value is created on both side with the API.