Monday, April 20, 2009

Susan Boyle, the audacity of Hope!

I was just bowled over this video of Susan Boyle, the 47 year old new internet sensation. You know there are times when you see hope in despair moments. After watching this video, I had a great feeling. It just moved me. I’m happy for Susan Boyle and what a great show she put up. The sad part was that before even she could exhibit her talents, the judges and the spectators were in a denial mode. They knew she didn’t fit the bill. I guess we all go through such moments in our everyday lives. Maybe, its time we all take a good look in the mirror and think about the way we judge people. What Susan Boyle displayed was the self belief. The belief that she can become a singer and that is what kept her going against all odds. In her success, we see our failed dreams creeping back. Susan Boyle has become an Internet sensation. This is what I call the AUDACITY OF HOPE. Susan Boyle has already won the hearts of millions of people and I wish her great success.

Enjoy the video:

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Very few things have moved me as this one video of a plucky, over thirty, woman managed to do. I am thrilled that she has, single handedly managed to set the internet world on its axel and may prove to us all that looks are not everything. I want her to go all the way because she deserves to be a winner even though she already was one to her mother and father in her little village in Scotland. Go Susan.