Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Verizon Hub, a Multimedia VoIP phone

Verizon will launch its long awaited Hub home networking product on Feb 1st. Hub is a touchscreen enabled VoIP phone that shall work with your existing broadband connection. Off course, verizon would prefer you use their FIOS. ( BTW, I switched to FIOS and I love it, the speed is awesome). The Hub has plenty of rich multimedia features embedded in it. It supports unlimited voice calling and other cool features. With contract agreements and rebate, the device shall be sold for $200 after $50 rebate with a monthly $35 for unlimited calling and text messages.

Here are some of the features supported by verizon hub:
• Unlimited voice calling
• Local weather
• Visual Voicemail
• Streaming Video
• News, Sports and traffic information
• Has ability to send text messages and Verizon's Chaperone locator service
• Phone can work with any other service provider like ATT or sprint
• Display movie time and facilitate ticket purchase through Fandango
• Watch trailers of movies
• Text message calendar alert
• Find the number of the new pizza parlor to order a pie

Why is verizon getting into manufacturing its own home phone? It could be for couple of reasons; one is to retain the landline customers and attract other carrier customers. Gets its foothold into internet voice calling. Verizon has been slow to adapt to internet voice calling solution. According to Tom from TMCNet, verizon is an evolution of verizion one

Here is what Mike Lanman, VP and CMO at verizon has to say about verizon hub:

“The Verizon Hub reinvents the home phone system that’s been centered on your kitchen counter for years. We’re bringing huge new functionality to a common household device that will unlock its true potential. And in the process, Verizon Wireless is updating the tools busy families can use to manage their lives,” said Mike Lanman, vice president and chief marketing officer at Verizon Wireless. “The Verizon Hub is going to change the way you think about what you want and need your home phone to do. Whether you’re thinking about getting rid of your home phone or can’t live without it, now is the time to try out the Verizon Hub.”

For folks that are curious to give verizon hub a shot, Check out this Link on Feb 1st for more information

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Anonymous said...

Cool, the phone looks awesome. Iam not sure why would someone pay $200. $35 monthly is ok

Andrew said...

With video conferencing that would be quite a unit..

Ahmed said...

WOW the phone look awesome

Thompson said...

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Zaine said...

Verizon Wireless provides really useful version hub for home phone system!!

Jack Chrysler said...
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