Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Truphone for Android phones

Truphone is everywhere. Just recently they had launched a client for iPod and iPhone, and now they are launching a client called Truphone Anywhere for Android phones, including the new G1. Using this client, customers can make low-cost international calls and send IMs on a variety of platforms. The client has been added to Android Market in the U.S and U.K, and will also be available in March in the new Adroid Market for Germany and Austria

To coincide with T-Mobile’s announcement earlier this week of the availability of the G1 mobile phone in March 2009, a German version of Truphone Anywhere for Android is available and will be the first native language multi-communications application in the Android Market in Germany and Austria when it launches at CeBIT 2009.

Truphone Anywhere for Android delivers an all-in-one conversations hub that allows customers to take advantage of Truphone’s low international call rates, in addition to the cost of a local call. In addition, Truphone customers can easily instant-message their friends across a variety of networks including MSN, Yahoo!, Google Talk™ and Twitter from within one Android application. Customers can also call friends anywhere in the world on Google Talk for the price of a local call, and similarly will soon will be able to instant-message and call their friends on Skype.

Here are some advantages of using Truphone Anywhere client:
• Truphone Anywhere works in 33 countries around the world, saving Android users from those countries money on international calls made from their home country. The easy-to-use service works alongside domestic service providers, but reduces international call costs to as little as £0.03/$0.06 [UK/RoW] per minute.
• Unlike a ‘calling card’, Truphone Anywhere doesn’t require a user to remember what to do. Whenever an international number is dialled Truphone Anywhere simply asks whether he/she wants to make a Truphone call. The user simply accepts, and Truphone connects the call.

Truphone is now available on Android, the Apple iPhone, the Apple iPod touch, Blackberry and Nokia devices. I guess the list pretty much covers most of the popular devices.

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Its great to knew this that it is available in G1 now i was waiting of this
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