Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Startups, economy, and the survival

Off late it’s all about startups and their survival. Not a day goes by without hearing about pink slips and startups closing. Well, this is what happens in a bad economy. Even the elections focal point this time is all about who can handle the recession well.
I found this article, 10 lessons to learn from startups heroes very interesting and thoughtful. Thought of sharing with you folks

Ten Lessons Startups Can Learn From Superheroes

I have been reading lot of articles that suggest how startups can come out of this recession. Cost cutting is by default the first option for companies to survive the downturn. Hope we can come out of this recession sooner than expected.

Here are some additional articles I liked:
Rules for startups
why to start a startup in a bad economy
How to save money running a startups- 17 really good tips

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