Sunday, October 5, 2008

Finally, Fring makes it to appstore

After a long wait, finally fring makes it to the app store . Fring is one of the most popular Mobile VoIP applications. They fit in both as a Mobile VoIP and Mobile VoIM applications. I like the skype calling from fring applications. Apart from skype, Fring also lets supports other third party IM servers like MSN, GoogleTalk, AIM, Yahoo.

Check out the video:

Voice calls are still routed via WIFI and not 3G/GPRS network. This is a big NO NO from apple. I’m sure operators would do anything to block applications from using their 3G network for voice calls. Frings user guide mentions that “Currently it is not possible to make VoIP calls over 3G/GPRS networks “. Couple of months back, I had written an article on Mobile VoIP and who will win? . Frings iPhone user guide has more information about different features and usage.

Congratulations to fring for making it to the appstore. Folks go-ahead and download this app on your iPhone and enjoy fringing!

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Jack Chrysler said...

Quick facts about VoIP SIP SDK:

* Dynamically loadable codecs
* Registrar support
* Play wav files into conversation
* Record conversation into file
* Hold/Retrieve call
* Forward Call (Blind Call Transfer)
* Transfer Call (Attended Transfer)
* Mute Sound
* VPN support
* Authorization Id
* Samples on Delphi, C#, VB, VB.NET, C++ 2005, C++ 6.0, HTML (SIP ActiveX)
* Adaptive silence detection
* Adaptive jitter buffer
* STUN support
* Comes as ActiveX control
* Royalty free licensing
* No Yearly/Monthly fee