Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Intel PCs to wakeup for VOIP calls

Have you ever wished your computer wakes up to receive calls; your wish will come true. Intel Corp in partnership with Jajah is unveiling new technology that will let computers wake up from their sleep state when a phone call is received over internet. This shall be accomplished using Intels Remote Wake technology. This new component will be announced Thursday.

With JAJAH’s telephony support, the computer has direct access to JAJAH’s IPtelephony network, enabling the PC to both make and receive high quality, low Cost phone calls. JAJAH was selected by Intel to be the first telecommunications provider to implement Intel’s Remote Wake capability into their core telephony infrastructure.

This is indeed a big deal for jajah. What this mean is, manufactures will be able to provide computers with Jajah ready configured. With the help of microphone and headset, Consumers can now use jajah to make calls to any fixed or mobile phone anywhere in the world. It has a huge penetration for jajah software.

Here is what intel and jajah have to say about the deal

“Intel and JAJAH have a common objective to deploy technology building blocks that deliver a richer communication experience for consumers," said Joe Van De Water, Director of Consumer Product Marketing for Intel. "Intel is delighted to be working with JAJAH on its latest offering, which supports Intel Remote Wake technology. The combination of our technologies enables added convenience and energy efficiency for consumers who want the PC to be a genuine two-way communication platform for their IP-based telephony services.”

“We are delighted to enhance our existing telephony services with Intel’s innovative hardware-based solutions,” said Trevor Healy, JAJAH CEO. “JAJAH combined with Intel’s Remote Wake capability brings the industry closer to a global IP-based telephony system with simple to use functionality and advanced environmental friendliness.”

Jajah has more than 10 million users across the world and this new deal is surely gone to surge their user base

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Industrial Guru said...

Pretty cool article, definitely worth a dig!

Anonymous said...

That is cool. Does that mean i can make voip calls using any SIP clients like gizmo etc

omfut said...

@industrial guru:

omfut said...

Not sure if this is applicable to all voip clients or only jajah client. Will digg more and update.

Alok R. Saboo said...

Interesting technology, but I am not sure whether it will revolutionize VoIP. Read more on

omfut said...

@ alok:
Good point. I agree with you that its not gone revolutionize VoIP. However, iam excited about intel adding the VoIP capability to all its chip, which is a big deal for VoIP. The way i see this is, all intel chips shall be shipped with VoIP software that consumers can use to make voice calls to any destination- landline or mobile.

Jack Chrysler said...

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