Thursday, August 7, 2008

Don’t know Chinese, use jajah

Going to Beijing for Olympic Games and don’t speak/understand Chinese, don’t worry Jajah is at your service. Jajah launches JAJAH Babel a free, real-time voice translation that works from any phone. The first release supports English-Chinese Mandarin and vice versa, with additional languages to follow. Developed with support from IBM Research, JAJAH Babel is the latest breakthrough in JAJAH’s mission to remove the barriers to global communication.

Here is how Jajah babel works From English to Chinese or in reverse:
• Dial JAJAH Babel from any phone. U.S. local access number: +1-718-513-2969
• Choose which language you want your message translated into (either English to Chinese or Chinese to English)
• Say your message and press #
• You will be able to confirm that your message was properly understood by the system.
• The message will automatically be played back in Chinese. If you wish, simply hand your phone to the other person or put the phone on loudspeaker so they hear the message.
• The other person can then record a message in Chinese, following the steps
above, and you will hear their message in English.

Another product they launched in colloboration with mobivox( one of my other favorite startup ) is JAJAH Concierge ,Very relevant for consumers that need to make calls hands free, JAJAH Concierge voice activates JAJAH services so there is no need to scroll through address books or dial long phone numbers. This free service gives JAJAH customers a local number, which can be used to initiate phone calls, send a text message or establish conference calls, all with voice commands at JAJAH's low rates and without lifting a finger. This new service does not cost anything additional and leverages MOBIVOX voice application.

Here is how jajah concierge works:
• Go to JAJAH Concierge to get your local access number.
• Call your local access number; JAJAH Concierge will answer with a personal greeting and await your instructions.
• Say the name of the person from your contact list you wish to call and your Concierge will connect you.
• Concierge can also add other parties to the call, send an SMS or add a contact to your JAJAH address book.

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