Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Windows mobile gets a true mobile VoIP client.

Jajah, today announced that it’s enhancing its mobile sip client to support both incoming and outgoing voice call via wireless data network. This is interesting. I’m surprised by Japanese mobile operator EMOBILE move to support such a client. If a consumer has unlimited data package, he is as good as getting unlimited voice calling. When would we have something like this in USA.

By providing users with their own local DID (Direct Inward Dialing number), users can be reached by dialing this number. The voice is carried over the data network. For a monthly fee of $5, EMOBILE customers can purchase their own DID, or Direct Inward Dialing number, for their Sharp EM•ONE Ultra Mobile Device running Windows Mobile 6, which turns their device into a fully functioning mobile phone, without a cellular connection. This local number operates as any normal phone number. It can be used to make and receive calls, and can be stored in a phone or address book. Calls are routed over JAJAH's IP-telephony network so customers take advantage of JAJAH's low calling rates.

This is what Jajah CEO has to say about the news:

"Through our collaboration with EMOBILE, we were the first in the industry
to deliver pure voice over mobile broadband," said JAJAH CEO, Trevor Healy.
"With added call functionality and a personal direct number, we are not only
enabling the consumers desire for a truly connected life on the go, but
taking another leap forward in the future of mobile communication."

There are lots of clients that support MVoIP outgoing calls like fring, mig33,truphone( uses WIFI) etc. What’s interesting in this news is the involvement of the operator that wants to support outgoing/incoming voice call using data network. Jajah is making the right moves and iam sure they are positioning themselves for a big buyout. Apparently there are rumors about Google being a potential buyer. I can see so many different possibilities here. Well, for now, iam just gone pass this rumor. Stay tuned folks.

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Anonymous said...

how different is this from truphone,nimbuzz,fring and mig33. I thought these startups already provide such a feature. Im a missing something here?

Anonymous said...

Yeah none of them are "True" SIP clients.

Jack Chrysler said...
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Anonymous said...

You can find a Mobile SIP client for Symbian and Windows Mobile at http://www.odonod.net/airodo.
Hope this helps...