Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Google looking at digg, Not again!

According to Techcrunch, Google is in talks to acquire Digg for around $200 million dollars. This is the nth time iam hearing such rumors about digg. Last time Jay Adelson, CEO of digg had to clarify in his blog. Currently, digg has an advertisement partnership with Microsoft. It makes sense for Microsoft to buy them rather than Google. Well, not sure if Microsoft has been able to make any headway in advertisement revenues.

Comscore’s June report shows digg user visits growing from 4.4 million to 6.2 millions. Critics have always doubted the potential of digg. Some say it is very easy to build such service. Look at reditt, hacker news etc. I see a great potential in digg community and not behind the technology. Even if any company is looking to acquire digg, it’s for their community and user base and not the technology. It’s that simple! Iam sure Google can build their own digg service, something similar to what yahoo did with Buzz. Nevertheless its the community and user base that makes digg hot than the technology.

The downside of Google acquiring digg is that it might see the same fate as some of the other startups Google gobbled. I still wonder what happened dodgeball, grandcentral, jaiku and others. Here is the list of companies Google has acquired so far .

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