Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Some interesting news you can’t miss

I had something in mind to write today. Kind of realized that there are lot of very interesting news that I didn’t want miss talking about. Honestly, I come across so many interesting news that I love to discuss, but working full time for startup doesn’t give me the luxury to do so. The reason for me to start writing this blog was to share all my thoughts about the most important things happening in the industry. So in order to address this issue, I have decided to publish top news and links with my short comments.

Here are some of the top links for today:
Yahoo opened up API for address book
This is indeed big news. For those folks that are building address book 2.0 type applications this is short in the arm. This new API provides access to one of the largest collections of address books on the Internet--the contact system behind Yahoo! Mail, Yahoo! Messenger, and Yahoo! Go. The Address Book API supports a wide range of third-party apps, such as sending invitations to seed social networks or social apps, looking up postal addresses for shipping services for online retail, and providing address "auto-complete" for messaging app

Ok, this is something I was dreaming about
Watch internet videos on your big screen TV’s . Isn’t it cool! I was wondering if this is something I should work in my future. Yeh! I’m not kidding, I did think about this stuff. Happy to see Verismo supporting it. Apparently, Verismo CEO Prakash Bhalerao said his company has partnered with YouTube and BitTorrent to get access to their content, and vTap to search for anything else. In addition, YouTube will also be marketing the PoD to its users, which would definitely help a new company get exposure! The box can also handle anything with Windows DRM, so you can watch Amazon Unbox and CinemaNow downloads right on your TV.

Verizon in talks to buy Alltel
Twitter wants to prove their High Availability said CEO Jack Dorsey

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