Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Destination India!

I have been shipped to India on a project work. This explains why I have not posted any new article on my blog. Adding to this mess- I Lost my luggage while flying through Lufthansa. Apparently, it was a big struggle to get my luggage back. Man this really sucks! Big time mess, customer service was acting as though they were doing me a favor. One of my luggages was severely damaged. I’m wondering how I can vent my anger. Feel helpless though.
Anyway, coming back to my blog updates, yes I have missed couple of good stuff over the past few days. Will surely catch up with all that. Stay tuned!

This brings up an interesting point. When u are working full time as a software engineer, how do u spare time for your blog. Sometimes i find it very hard, though i love to write, it's hard to spare time when you are overwhelmed with professional commitments. How do these great bloggers do it? Iam in awe of Alec sanders (CEO of iotum), how does he get time to write such amazing stuff so frequently. Being a leader of the team is by itself draining, not sure if you would have time to breathe. Any tips Alec.

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Anonymous said...

Welcome to India, hope you have a great time. Keep writing you get and have lot of information to share.

Anonymous said...

welcome to india. Enjoy your stay here!

Anonymous said...

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