Thursday, December 27, 2007

2008 technology prediction!

For the past of couple of days, I have been reading about 2008 prediction. Thought of writing something about it.

Here are some of my predictions:

• Location based services
• Mobile Social Networking
• VoIP Widget providers consolidation. Maybe, the three J’s(Jajah,Jaxtr,Jangl) could partner wih each other. Already, the two J’s, Jajah and Jangl have partnered.
• Google OpenSocial Might loose the steam
• Google will focus more into mobile space.
• Android might have some impact in the wireless industry. Though, I doubt they will pose a big threat to any of these handset vendors.
• More unified communication acceptance in SMB’s. Don’t know how the recession fear is going to affect the SMB’s spending
• More open social networking.
OpenID shall play a bigger role in single identity across services.

On a lighter vein, some odd predictions :-)

Fake Steve jobs and Steve jobs switch jobs
• Google buys Microsoft to claim a stake in facebook. Yes, we own part of facebook!
• AT&T buys all the operators in USA and starts charging user’s $200 monthly bill.
• Microsoft releases a new operating system, which even Bill Gates would shy away from.
• Yahoo social networking mash becomes number 1 social networking platform beating facebook and myspace.
• Tired of acquisition rumor, Digg goes IPO

Here is some 2008 prediction from other sources.

Funny one
Top ten wireless predictions
Webmetrix guru’s prediction
Read write web’s 2008 web prediction
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Web worker dialy

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Anonymous said...

You should submit your ideas to Internet Evolution. They're holding a competition for 2008 Predictions.

Tis the season to host frivolous contests and give away money (Fa la la la la...)

Anonymous said...

What do u think about Mobile Voip? Where does this leave Startups like fring,truphone and mig33

Mike @ Twenty Steps said...

Thanks for the link back to my alternative predictions :)

Oh and thanks to the commenter who suggested I submit to Internet Evolution. Have just done so and look forward to my briefcase full of cash arriving any day now ;)

Anonymous said...

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