Monday, April 23, 2012

Facebook mind-blowing statistics!

   Facebook has 901 million and short of 99 million to reach 1 billion users. Wow that’s insanely huge. Just imagine the kind of social graph that facebook would own in the future. Its mobile users count is also increasing with currently 500 million users as off march 2012. Its first quarter revenue is $1.058 billion. Lot of interesting facts getting unraveled in the fourth amendment to its S-1 that it filed.

   Instagram gets approximately 23 million of shares and $300 million cash. Based on $100 plus billion dollar valuation, instagram makes more than a billion dollar. That’s just amazing for a less than 2 year old startup.

Also another known/interesting fact is that mark Zukerber’s take home salary is gone drop from $500.000 thousand to just $1. Does it really matter!. He has billions of dollar so who cares.

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Daryl @ Voice over IP Bradenton said...

I think Facebook as an entity has amazing potential. The big questions are still about its' leadership and how the company will be managed going forward.