Thursday, March 11, 2010

Iphone Multitasking on its way

Yes, Multitasking is rumored to be part of iPhone 4.0 software . So this should silence some of the critics complaining about no multitasking support compared to slew of other smart phones. And maybe Martin Cooper, Inventor of Cell Phone who gave up his iPhone for Motorola Droid will have a change of heart:-) . Initially Even I was not happy about no Multitasking. However, I jailbroke my iPhone and got the background application support enabled. So it is not a big deal for me. I guess it makes more sense to have multitasking support on iPad and since the OS is the same for both iPhone and iPad, Apple might have decided to open up for both platform. So if this rumor turns out be true, apple is taking on the competitors features seriously. Amen! Competition brings the best out of any product and this is a classic example.

From an iPhone OS perspective, it’s not a technical Flaw as some critics mention. The OS is capable of supporting Multitasking. There are already bunch of apps that run in the background like phone, SMS, iPod, email, Voice Recorder etc. The same is not true with third-party applications. These applications are prevented to run in the background by iPhone security model, which closes current apps whenever the user returns to the Home screen or accepts an incoming call. In addition, Apple was worried about the performance of the apps and resources required to run multiples apps in the background. For Gaming apps, it requires lot of processing power and with multi-tasking, don’t know if the performance would be on par with what we are seeing currently.

According to Apple Insider, Apple plans to deliver a multi-tasking manager that leverages interface technology already bundled with its Mac OS X operating system.

We have been hearing rumors about Multitasking for quite sometime now, Hope it turns out to be true this time.

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