Sunday, December 13, 2009

Google Phone is Real!

Google Phone called Nexus One is all over the blogosphere. It’s been a crazy weekend for gadget blogs, it’s just Google Phone. According to many sources, Google will be selling unlocked GSM phone directly to the consumers. The phone called Nexus One was designed inside Google and manufactured by HTC will be sold without any partnership with operators like iPhone and other Droid’s. Google has started giving away these phones to some of its employees . This pushes Google more into the mobile arena, which is going to be hot for advertisement in coming years.

As the focus of internet is moving towards mobile phones, Google is aggressively moving into the mobile arena. With Google Voice and the recent purchase of AdMod and Gizmo, Google is preparing itself to be the leader in the mobile advertisement.

Will this be an iPhone killer? Though I have not seen the phone, I still doubt it will be an iPhone killer. Will there ever be a true iPhone killer? Yes, only from Apple. In the meanwhile the count of iPhone killer phones keeps increasing.

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