Friday, October 23, 2009

What should be Skype’s strategy to replace P2P?

Folks from Skype are wary of the fact that the P2P technology they use is under lawsuit from former Skype founders, and could become a bottle neck moving forward. Lot of Folks have shared there thoughts and concern with the technology. Phil Wolff from Skype journal has posted this mail from Volpi, which has some interesting tit bits

Some interesting data:
• buy Skype, replace p2p with SIP (standard-based, open, can interwork with other VoIP systems – like the Cisco phones)
• use social graph to augment other socials via API or develop its own social
• replace heavy client with flash/html/java version – make it lightweight for embedded devices (mobile)
• clean up staff and cut costs while private

It’s going to be a herculean task to change the whole architecture of Skype. However, changing the architecture from closed proprietary technology to more open standard like SIP/XMPP etc will be a welcome move.

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