Monday, June 8, 2009

The wait is over, the New iPhone is here

Ok Folks, the cat’s finally out of the bag. Apple today announced the most awaited iPhone 3GS , the newer, faster, most powerful iPhone yet, packet with incredible features. Oh BTW, the “S” stands for speed. Looks like Palm Pre is déjà vu now. Everyone is talking about the new iPhone. It’s a repeat of Google Wave vs. Microsoft’s Bing. Blame it on Apple.

Lots of interesting features with the new iPhone 3GS:
• Upto twice as fast as iPhone 3G. A new processor built in. Launching messages is 2.1 faster.
• Longer Battery Life
• 3 Mega pixel sensor
• 7.2 Mbps HSDPA for faster networking speeds
• With iPhone 3GS you can send photos and video by email or MMS and post them to MobileMe or YouTube with just one tap.
• Camera with auto focus, auto exposure, and auto white balance
• Special macro and low light modes
• iPhone 3G S takes advantage of the OpenGL ES 2.0 standard for stunning high-quality 3D graphics, making mobile gaming and other graphic intense applications better than ever
• Hands free operation using Voice Control feature.
• With voice control you can play your favorite music by artist, album or playlist.
• iPhone 3G S features a new built-in digital compass for instant navigation. The Compass app shows you which way you are headed and rotates as you change direction.
• Nike + built in
• Zooming of text, inverting video, and voice over support

Price and Availability:
• $199 for 16GB version.
• $299 for 32GB version.
• Available on June 19th.

If you don’t find the features that you wished was part of the new iPhone, Don’t worry, there is an app store with more than 50,000 applications. Hmm. Makes me wonder who the hell needs so many apps.

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