Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Some interesting news here and there

Enterprise Social networking tools acceptance
This has been long due. Enterprise accepting social networking tools was gone happen regardless of corporate blocking and security issues.

Voip alive, So What!
I agree with Jeff on SME and Enterprise Voip will flourish in the coming years. Social Communication Voice Mashups, I can see a great potential in this arena. Though, I would like to use SOIP (Services over IP that includes voice) rather than VoiP as the killer app here

Yahoo is aggressive with its mobile push to counter Google, will they win!
Yahoo is moving aggressively in the mobile arena to counter Google. I guess Google has all the muscle and applications to become a dominant player in mobile arena than yahoo. Anyway, only time will reveal the winner. For now, iam siding with Google

Motorola kicking of with new phones
Motorola is kicking off 2008 with a big splash at CES, the annual international trade show that showcases the best of the electronics industry. The MOTOPURE H12 and T815 have been selected as Finalists for the Bluetooth SIG Best of CES Awards, and the RAZR2 V9 and MOTOROKR T505 have received honorable mentions.

Jajah and Callwave agree to work together
So off late jajah is spending more time cranking up strategic alliance with other startups. Earlier it was jangl and now its callwave

Privacy manifesto for Web 2.0
Alec has written a great article about privacy manifesto for web 2.0. Who owns the data! I will write my own analysis on this topic. Stay tuned!

Global SMS Traffic Hits 43 billion during New Year
SMS is still the king. Wow! the number and volume speak for itself.

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